Thursday, 26 April 2012

God Give Me a Fairytale!

I have just received the next two songs from Cabaret Confidential - the first being the BEAUTIFUL God Give Me Strength by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach:

Monday, 16 April 2012

My Simple CabCon Request...

So the first of the footage from Cabaret Confidential has arrived; this is my (personalised, Anglicised, Northernised) rendition of My Simple Request by Joey Contreras.

There's nothing quite like a warm audience :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tonight's the night; Cabaret Confidential

Tonight's cabaret confidential was absolutely fabulous!

I was so blessed to share the stage with a host of fantastic performers:

First was the emcee Jamie Anderson, who, despite being horrendously poorly, conducted the night smoothly, warming up the audience and keeping them in stitches, with his warm-hearted (if a little risque) humour and gorgeous voice.

Next was Greek God, the Delectible Diva Constantine Andrews (or Andronikou in the Greek) who managed to convince the audience he'd forgotten his rep folder and borrowed mine! In truth he cracks out a fantastic diva ballad, and sings the socks off most women, so his set was a parody-filled parade of women's songs.

Then came yours truly - the irony being that my professional debut on the London stage was in a new musical theatre writing revue called APRIL REVUE, and I followed Constantine in that show too, with the very song with which I opened my CabCon set! This wasn't at all planned, I didn't know who else was on the lineup when I picked my set, and so I think it's a lovely tribute to just how small the theatre world really is!

After the interval was the lovely Claire Marlowe singing a group of fantastic songs, including Is There A Straight Guy In The House? Claire tells me she considers herself an actress who occasionally sings, which surprised me as she has a cracking voice!

Finally the lovely Sara Cluderay and the Ismena Trio, who have  invited me to guest at their residency at Cafe Koha just around the corner from Leicester Square.